Sport/Exercise Rehabilitation

Following injury there is an increased likelihood of re-injury, secondary complications and altered biomechanics. This can become a vicious cycle that leaves most people from the general population to athletes acquiring injuries time after time and resulting in decreased performance, frustration and pain. To avoid this it is imperative to correctly and fully rehabilitate injuries using a comprehensive and well monitored plan.

Rehabilitation programming is a must for any person recovering from any injury, either work of sport related, or recovering from orthopaedic surgery such as arthroscopic procedures, joint replacement, ACL reconstructions, etc.

Kevin is an outstanding S&C coach. During my time working with him he really help me improve my strength and explosiveness especially in regards to the Olympic lifts. He has a vast array of knowledge and expertise so he would be great to train everyone from a beginner to an accomplished lifter.

~ Darragh Leader, Connacht Rugby Player, Irish International U20