Functional Screening

Functional screenings includes a full biomechanical assessment, postural screening and functional movement testing. The results of this are comprehensively analysed, then an individually tailored pre-habilitation and biomechanical correction plan is developed and delivered by means of a one on one session of personal instruction.

The resulting information is like a roadmap for how you should train for the coming phase, outlining the parts of your body that are strong or weak, tight or loose, stable or unstable and the relationships between these parts as one functional unit. The following pre-habilitation plan will outline exactly how to alter any imbalances and prevent future injuries before they occur.

galway physio clinic
Kevin is an outstanding S&C coach. During my time working with him he really help me improve my strength and explosiveness especially in regards to the Olympic lifts. He has a vast array of knowledge and expertise so he would be great to train everyone from a beginner to an accomplished lifter.

~ Darragh Leader, Connacht Rugby Player, Irish International U20