Chartered Physiotherapy

Your initial assessment will consist of aspects of posture and biomechanical analysis, palpation, strength and range of motion testing, and injury mechanism investigation.

We are interested in not only treating your pain, but returning you to full function in the quickest time frame possible. Additionally, analysing postural and muscular imbalance to understand why you were injured in the first instance.

Treatment options will include manual therapy, deep tissue massage, medical acupuncture and electro-therapy. Following this each individual is provided with an appropriate and specific rehabilitation plan to allow for a full recovery and decrease the chance of re-injury.

Commonly treated conditions are:
Low back pain, arthritis, neck pain, sports injuries, chronic pain, pre and post orthopaedic surgery.

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Kevin is an outstanding S&C coach. During my time working with him he really help me improve my strength and explosiveness especially in regards to the Olympic lifts. He has a vast array of knowledge and expertise so he would be great to train everyone from a beginner to an accomplished lifter.

~ Darragh Leader, Connacht Rugby Player, Irish International U20