Chartered Physiotherapy and
Sports Performance Clinic


We are a Chartered Physiotherapy and Sports Performance Clinic with locations Galway City and Spiddal, Co. Galway. Our Chartered Physiotherapists specialise in the treatment of musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions, neck and back pain, sports injury rehabilitation, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation. We also offer additional services including Women’s Pelvic Health, Medical Acupuncture, Functional Screening, Team Coverage, Individualised and Team Strength and Conditioning, and Individual or Small group Coaching.

At Galway Physio Clinic, we believe in an individualised and more personal hands on approach to your health and well being. We spend more time with our patients to assist in you rehabilitation, pain and injury, movement and function restoration. We strive to seek out the root cause of any problems, while treating the pain symptoms. As well, we educate our patients to ensure that you understand the root cause of your pain and what can be done to prevent its re occurrence.




Plantar Fascitis

One of the more common conditions we’ve seen at the clinic as of late has been Plantar fascitis. C

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Why does my low back hurt after deadlifting or squatting?

As long as there isn’t anything sinister going on with your back, most likely the cause of your pa

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Kevin is an outstanding S&C coach. During my time working with him he really help me improve my strength and explosiveness especially in regards to the Olympic lifts. He has a vast array of knowledge and expertise so he would be great to train everyone from a beginner to an accomplished lifter.

~ Darragh Leader, Connacht Rugby Player, Irish International U20